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19 Mar 2018

Farmers First

Mar 2018

Last week I visited One Acre Fund at their main facilities in Kakamega, a port city to Lake Victoria located in the north west of Kenya, close to the Ugandan boarder. This side of Kenya is lush green with red sand. The rainy season had just started so, if it rains 3 days in a row, farmers are taught, they can already start planting. They speak Luhya language in this area and most people depend on farming and fishing for survival… however, not all of them manage, which is the whole reason why One Acre Fund started, to help smallholder farmers increase gains in their crop yields with the use of modern techniques, and stop the hunger cycles.

Arianne Martín

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14 Dec 2017

The impact investor profile

Dec 2017

Everyone is unique, therefore “there isn´t one single way to be an impact investor". I liked reading this conclusion from the 2017 survey of the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN). This time the survey summarizes a group of respondents that sum up $114 bn in impact investing assets.

Mercedes Cerezo

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